Where it all began

My Dad was more a collector of cameras, rather than a photographer but I have him to thank for my interest. Working my way from a Kodak Instamatic camera about 40 years ago, all the way through the film age to the digital marvels that accompany me wherever I go now. I use the trusted work horses of the camera industry and always bring multiple cameras to every job I do.

Unlike a lot of people I know, photography is still an absolute passion for me, not just a job. Making images that will last a lifetime and beyond from weddings is what I enjoy doing best. Although photographing Manchester band The Courteeners latest album cover was quite an awesome thing to be asked to do!

Mapping The Rendezvous. Album Cover Photograph © Robert Watson


Why documentary wedding photography?

My first passion was street photography. Simply documenting people as they went about their lives. It’s a scary thing to do. But it’s 99% of what a wedding is. Ask anyone what they want from their wedding pictures and they will say “it’s all about the candids”. Couples want the memory of guests at their wedding having the time of their lives. So that’s what I do. And seem to do it rather well.


What next?